Tigress Shark – Woman Dances with Tiger Sharks

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Published on September 22, 2015 by john

You may think she’s crazy, but she’s not. A daredevil model just swam with 16-feet long killer sharks without any diving equipment and wearing only a bikini.


She may look like a freak for doing this, but she actually has a reason.



This fearless woman is Hannah Fraser. She is a marine conservationist.



Apart from being known as an underwater model, she is also the first most celebrated mermaid of the world.

Image Credit: Sean Heinrichs

Fraser travels all across the globe, performing for various charity programs, in hopes of bringing awareness of the ocean and the precious living species living down there. As part of her most recent project, she risked her life and danced with gigantic tiger sharks off the coast of the Bahamas. She believes she can show the true nature of these animals this way and bring awareness to shark culling that is currently happening in Australia.

Image Credit: Sean Heinrichs

When doing her stunt, she was armed with completely nothing, not even one single diving equipment. She dove 50 feet into the ocean to swim with a group of Tiger sharks, which are among the most dangerous shark species in the world.

Sean Heinrichs- Geoff Robinson Photography

Even if she was just inches away from the deadly sharks, Hannah brushed their fins and moved quite gracefully. It seems she was not the least bit scared that she was surrounded by some of the biggest predators of the ocean.


Shawn Heinrichs, an Emmy award-winning cinematographer, was the one who filmed Hannah while dancing at the bottom of the seabed.

Hannah knew the dangers that awaited her under the ocean. So, she had to keep in constant motion to stop the sharks from eating her alive.


To complete the upcoming documentary series entitled, Tears of a Mermaid, the team needed five days to film everything. It was then edited and released while the team was still aboard the boat.

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