Nicki Minaj Calls Out Miley Cyrus at the VMAs …You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

  Last Sunday, Nicki Minaj ended her acceptance speech at the Video Music Awards for Best Hip-Video by simply thanking her pastor, and then cursing out Miley Cyrus, who was the host of the show. The “Super Bass” singer called out Cyrus’s attention by saying: “And now, back to this bitch who had a lot to say about me […]

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The Good, The Bad, and The Just Plain Weird from the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Last night, the stars were out and about for the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards and boy, was it an emotional roller coaster. From Macklemore’s epic ‘Downtown’ performance at the pre-show to Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus exchanging some very heated words on stage to Kanye West publicly announcing that he’s running for president in […]

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Here are the 26 Must-See Moments from the 2015 VMAs …Some of These are So Wild

It has been another successful year for the music industry. And, in the most recent MTV Music Video Awards, artists and musicians, who have been making good music for quite some time now, were given the recognition they deserve. Although it was a totally wild night, there were loads of memorable and entertaining moments; some were all […]

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10 of the Most Elegant Celebrities Wedding Dresses to ever Grace the Aisle

Some celebrities choose such kind of wedding dresses that may forever be embedded in your memory. This is because designers go all out to give these personalities the best dress that will enhance their beauty and their figures for their special day. Here are our choices of the 10 most amazing celebrity wedding dresses: Megan Fox’s Dress This […]

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Jackie Chan Just Posted The Perfect Sentence Which Describes a Golden Retriever Breed!

Known for their friendly and caring demeanor, golden retrievers are loved by everyone. Popular among dog lovers in the US, this large-sized dog breed is commonly preferred as family pets because of their friendly and tolerant attitude. As they are also quite intelligent, they are highly capable of being kept as working dogs. These outstanding characteristics are […]

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These ‘Family Matters’ Stars are All Grown Up …Where Has the Time Gone?

You’re probably familiar with the show Family Matters, which is considered as a certified classic. It’s likely that you still recognize Steve Urkel, portrayed by Jaleel White, who became one of the most iconic sitcom characters of all time and one of the most famous nerds because of the show. One of his trademarks that lifted him […]

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Here are Some of the Lesser Known Facts about the Band Queen

Are you a fan of the band, Queen? Well, if you are, here are some lesser known facts about the band you might enjoy adding to your chest of knowledge about them. The Band with the Most Creative and Intelligent Members During the peak of their career, Queen wasn’t only among the greatest rock bands in […]

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20 Reasons Why Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Will Never be Forgotten …Crikey!

  Australian adventurer, conservationists, and beloved wildlife show host Steve Irwin died eight years ago due to a freak accident. In an interview, the Aussie’s cameraman and friend revealed the icon’s last moments. On a Australian TV, the cameraman who filmed his death, described his friend’s final moments. Justin Lyons, Steve Irwin’s cameraman, said, “We […]

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34 Times Beyonce Proved She is the Queen Bee …there is no doubt!

Today is a very important day! If you use social media be prepared to see the hashtag #BeyDay posted across your timeline as the entire world celebrates and honors the life of the beautiful and talented, Beyoncé Knowles aka Queen Bey, the Empress of the Bey Hive. Today, on September 4, 2015, the pop sensation turns 34 and […]

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous — See Their Grandiose Mansions!

  You will definitely be overwhelmed with these celebrity mansions. Of course, we wouldn’t be expecting for celebrities to live in huts. However, the word “mansion” doesn’t even justify how grandiose these structures are. They’re absolutely astonishing, and they’re ten times the size of a normal home. Here are ten of the most jaw-dropping celebrity […]

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