27 Satisfying Things That Happened to Food

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Everybody loves food.

Food is essential to the survival of any living thing on the planet. Like technology, food has dramatically evolved. However, food is more than just satisfying your gastronomical cravings. It is the necessity that defines a culture and a society. It is also what brings people from all walks of life into one huge group.

Whether it’s the appetizer or the dessert, satisfy your mouthwatering hunger with these awesome and utterly satisfying things that happened to food.

Pizza Cone


Photo Source:

How much does this make you drool? These aren’t the ordinary ice cream cones, but rather pizza cones.

1. This is what you call a real burger.

In the words of one Instagram follower, “Holy Moly I want that!!”

2. This mountain of bliss.

This mysterious mountain of bliss is made from marshmallows, whipping cream and chocolate mousse. Yum!

3. The beauty in olives, brought to life by photographer Emily Blincoe. 

Amuse-bouche, anyone?

4. Toast never looked this good.

Move aside, margarine!

5. Pizza anyone?

Just for you.

6. I’m in seafood heaven.

All buttered up and ready to be devoured.

7. It pays to eat healthy…sometimes.

The beautiful display makes these snacks simply irresistible, no?

8. Definitely worth the wait.

Hungry yet?

9. Chocolate Perfection

Oh-so-creamy and oh-so-good! I can’t stop watching…and drooling.

10. Perfection.

Working hard to bring you the best fry yet!

11. Chocolate + Art

You can try to recreate this masterpiece by following these instructions.

12. Speechless.

but oh-so-many emotions! Seriously, junk food has never looked this good.

13. Mountain of Goodness

Go syrup, go! Cover that pancake mountain perfectly!

14. Nicely placed nuts.

They are way more appealing this way, no?

15. This guilty pleasure.

Here is a great example of what creativity can bring:

16. Too beautiful to eat.

How could you even bite into something this beautiful?


17. This man’s amazing mac ‘n cheese.

Hundreds of “Likes” on Instagram can’t be wrong.

18. The best thing that happened to pizza.

Pizza will never be the same.

19. This French onion soup.

Someone please break the cheese seal! Please!

20. Food fusion at its best.

I am speechless.

21. Pasta perfection.

Dig in!

22. This meaty, cheesy lasagna.

Dinner is done!

23. Sweet and salty in one bite.

It does exist!

24. The most perfect watermelon.

Look at those even cuts!

25. These egg salad scoops.

Sandwich time!

26. Fresh produce from Whole Foods.


27. Sweet, sugary bliss.

I’ll take six…teen.


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