15 Deliciously Creative Nintendo Bento Boxes …You are Going to Love These

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Ever craved for that whole day where you just play Nintendo games? If that’s too impossible because of work, why not just take your Nintendo madness to your food? Yes, that’s possible. Here are bento boxes that are designed like Nintendo.

You get to play and enjoy your food with this Nintendo box.

Freshly picked tingle food just for you!


Wind Waker approves this delicious meal.

This is what Luigi eats before joining Mario.

Will you step on one of these Goombas? I don’t think so.

Pokeball kimchi looks so yummy.

Mario’s all new power: Fire Mario!

mario fire bento

A delicious meal with Kirby

Charmander, I choose you!

Eat one of these before you go racing.

This is the legendary food of the legendary Zelda.


Pikachu, I choose you!

Super Smash Nintendo Combo Bento

Boo when confused and Boo when happy.


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